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A friend of mine is looking to quickly sell a ton of magic cards, circa 1993-1998 (mainly 1994) sans eBay. =D

I have two huge card lots: the cards listed below are from the first lot & I am currently taking inventory of the second lot.

All cards listed below have been used (in good-great condition) and do not have penny sleeves - though you can purchase those additionally, if you would like.

Regarding S&H: we will ship these cards using whatever postal method you prefer, though we would prefer you purchase insurance ($1.50) as an added safety precaution.

If you would like scans or additional details, I will be more than willing to accommodate you…this is just a prelim.

Please let me know if you are interested ASAP! Email:

Make us an offer: best offer will be accepted. FYI: I have notified my previous MTG auction winners first!

    Lot No.1 Contains:
  • 183 White
  • 193 Red
  • 222 Green
  • 237 Blue
  • 143 Black
  • 21 Color
  • 61 Artifact
  • 380 Land (approx)

Questions? Email Me!

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