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All the images on the following pages are (c)opyrighted to their respective companies (which are listed near the scans)... NOT me. I only wish. =D

I am in NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM benefiting from displaying these images and would really appreciate not being sued. I am a huge fangirl and have always been; I even worked in a comic book, yes, I know what comics are well written and which ones should be used to wipe my butt in the bathrom. I am just sick and tired of crappy comics always getting spotlighted: hence the reason for this page.

The purpose of the Scans Page is simple: I want people to see what great comics and artists and writers the Comic Book Industry consists of. What it has to offer, so to speak. These are great storylines and killer art that are completely contradictory to the stereotype of superheros in spandex. They are made of SUBSTANCE and I want people to preview a few pages and then *hopefully* go out and purchase one or two or three that caught their eye. Support the Industry.

FYI: There may also be material not suitable for children.

Your choice.
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